Writing and graphing equations of lines

One Solution If the system in two variables has one solution, it is an ordered pair that is a solution to BOTH equations. If you do get one solution for your final answer, is this system consistent or inconsistent?

Writing and graphing equations of lines

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Note that this is sometimes called the standard form of the line. Before we get too far into this section it would probably be helpful to recall that a line is defined by any two points that are on the line.

writing and graphing equations of lines

This fact will be used several times throughout this section. The slope of a line is a measure of the steepness of a line and it can also be used to measure whether a line is increasing or decreasing as we move from left to right.

Here is the precise definition of the slope of a line. Also, do not get worried about the subscripts on the variables. When using this definition do not worry about which point should be the first point and which point should be the second point.

The numerators and denominators of both definitions are the same. In other words, we will assume that the rise is negative if the slope is negative. Note as well that a negative rise is really a fall. Example 1 Determine the slope of each of the following lines.

Sketch the graph of each line. Show Solution Do not worry which point gets the subscript of 1 and which gets the subscript of 2. Either way will get the same answer.

So, here is the slope for this part. It is easy to lose track of them. Also, when the slope is a fraction, as it is here, leave it as a fraction. Do not convert to a decimal unless you absolutely have to. Here is a sketch of the line. Notice that this line increases as we move from left to right.

Show Solution Here is the slope for this part. Here is a sketch of the graph. This line decreases as we move from left to right. Show Solution Here is the slope for this line.

That is okay, it will happen sometimes. Here is the sketch of the line. Show Solution The final part. Here is the slope computation. Here is a sketch of this line. This final line is a vertical line. We can use this set of examples to see some general facts about lines.

First, we can see from the first two parts that the larger the number ignoring any minus signs the steeper the line.

So, we can use the slope to tell us something about just how steep a line is. Next, we can see that if the slope is a positive number then the line will be increasing as we move from left to right.

Likewise, if the slope is a negative number then the line will decrease as we move from left to right. We can use the final two parts to see what the slopes of horizontal and vertical lines will be.

A horizontal line will always have a slope of zero and a vertical line will always have an undefined slope. We now need to take a look at some special forms of the equation of the line.Learn about linear equations that contain two variables, and how these can be represented by graphical lines and tables of values.

Page 1 of 2 CHAPTER3 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities CHAPTER STUDY GUIDE Solving Linear Systems by Graphing GRAPHING CALCULATOR: Graphing. Finding Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines. Graph Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 on Graphing Calculator.

Finding Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines. Input slope(m) and y-intercept (b) of given line: Input point through which new parallel and perpendicular lines will pass.

The equation of a straight line can be written in many other ways. Another popular form is the Point-Slope Equation of a Straight Line. Footnote. Country Note: Different Countries teach different "notation" (as sent to me by kind readers): In the.

Concept Writing & Graphing Inequalities Pre Score 5 = Level 4 DEADLINE: (C) Level 2 1. Watch the video (Level 2: Write Linear Equations) Complete the Notes & Basic Practice Check the Key and Correct Mistakes 2.

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