The challenging and demanding activity of dancing

Time to get back into the flow. This is a fluid practice that incorporates continuous movement with breath to help you move through physical and mental blocks. It will bring fluidity back to the body and flush stagnant energy to leave you feeling revitalized.

The challenging and demanding activity of dancing

By the movement was providing a wide variety of intellectually demanding courses, crafts and social activities for some 18, older learners in more than independent campuses operating in all States and Territories of Australia.

The challenging and demanding activity of dancing

This growth has taken place with no centralized coordination, and little or no support from government, funding agencies or professional educators. The few U3As which are associated with universities or colleges are fully self-governing with university input being largely of a facilitative nature.

Apart from a few exceptions communications between the U3As is limited. A number of well organised State networks exist, however, many individual U3As remain strongly resistant to the idea of a national organization similar to that operating so successfully in the U.

Members who have "experienced a lifetime of bureaucracy [are wary of] introducing a layer of unnecessary officialdom" Swindell,p. In light of the lack of communication between most U3As it seems somewhat surprising that the approach has been so uniform and so successful across Australia's very large land mass about the same area as the USA.

McDonell attributes this to a combination of economic and political constraints which would have seriously hindered attempts to develop anything other than a self-help approach. Discussions about possible U3A developments in Australia in the early s coincided with the release of a policy paper by the Federal Government expressing concern that the rapidly increasing number of mature age students in higher education should not be at the expense of enrolments by young people when demand for places exceeded supply.

A recent discussion of the strengths, weaknesses and some implications for the future of Australian U3A approach appears elsewhere Swindell, The largest program for older learners is the network of Universities for the Aged UAs which provides academic programs for someolder learners.

UAs have no entry requirements other than a minimum age of The aging population differs widely in terms of education background, income and health so the curricula of the UAs vary to suit prevailing needs. In some cities the UAs are very "prestigious" and attract professors of high repute as teachers.

Some also appear to be more like traditional universities in that they have examinations and offer degrees. Courses are taught by part-time teachers who may receive small honoraria to cover transportation and to pay for correcting homework.

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Participants pay small fees and some government subsidies are provided. Competition for places in UAs is high.

In order to help meet unmet demand UAs provide print and audiovisual materials for the elderly who are unable to attend. Many corporations organize U3A-like activities for their retired staff; fees are usually minimal because caring for older workers is seen as a normal part of their work in dealing with human resources.

The majority of China's U3As, however, are associated with recreational centres which offer a range of activities and resources including recreational games, sport, health facilities and communal dining. In smaller villages U3A groups are located in schools, and many offer courses in reading and writing to older people with poor literacy skills.

By approximately 5, schools, colleges and U3As were operating for older learners throughout China. Students in the wide variety of programs include people from all walks of life and social strata -- retired generals, workers, peasants.

They study a great diversity of courses such as gerontology, psychology, health, hygiene, politics, social science, natural science, poetry, English, theater and so forth, as well as specialized electives like Chinese calligraphy, painting, photography, dancing, cooking, gardening and sport.

Some groups have begun cultural exchanges with foreign guests and offer special courses as well as the hospitality of family homes. Most of the U3As in France and Belgium are linked to universities, although the degree of association varies considerably.Resiliency is the capacity to recover from difficulties, the ability to spring back into shape or the ability to withstand stress and catastrophe.

West Coast Swing is well worth the challenge, but it’s also worth acknowledging that this is a demanding dance, and that it’s natural to have moments of frustration.

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I’ll also try to offer up a couple quick tip resources the will help you along your journey. In each aspect of dance training, the teacher needs to identify the basic foundation, and then build upon that knowledge base. Whether a dance class is founded in ballet, modern, jazz, African, or urban dance, certain fundamental movement skills will be explored.

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Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention.

Although people's attention is held by different things, because individuals have. the class as it enters the dance space, introducing the material (this includes the focus, review, and the statement of objectives), presenting the learning experiences, closure of class, tips for transitions between tasks or activities, and fi nally, strategies to handle unexpected events.

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