Saving private ryan media essay

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It tells the story of a group of soldiers, forced behind enemy lines in order to rescue Private Ryan — whose 4 brothers were all killed in combat. The soldiers immediately question their orders — why risk their lives, for the sake of saving one? Released in mid-Septemberit was a joint production from the well recognised Paramount and DreamWorks pictures.

Saving private ryan media essay

Hire Writer Furthermore, the long range high angle shot from the German point of view shows the audience the brutality and hopelessness of the fight. In Braveheart there are many uses of low shot angles and also long shots. The camera switches rapidly from army to army to build up to the actual clash of sides.

The use of the low shot angles when showing the horses advancing allows the audience to see the speed and ferociousness of the horses. This also makes the audience feel slightly tense because they can feel the increasingly tense atmosphere in the battlefield.

The camera then switches to the Scottish general whose face shows fear. The effect of this is that the audience feel almost in Saving private ryan media essay for the Scottish, they are outnumbered and outclassed.

However, when the Scottish fall to the floor with their spears raised high, the audience are thrown into shock by going from despair to delight as they can see the Scottish tactics were successful. The next media device I would like to mention is the editing sequence.

Saving private ryan media essay

Both films are quite fast moving however, I would say Saving Private Ryan is slightly slower and more paced than Braveheart, as the whole fight scene lasts longer than in Braveheart. Both films also have scenes of slow motion to direct all the attention towards a specific subject.

At the beginning of the scene in Saving Private Ryan it is very slow, moving from character to character. However, as the soldiers just land on the beach the whole scene turns into bloodshed and everything is happening very fast. During all this gunfire, the scene goes into slow motion while focusing on the main character Captain John Miller, together with this the sound also cuts out and the captain looks around him with a dazed expression as he sees so many of his fellow soldiers being killed.

This highlights the effect of all the gunfire and the trauma the brain goes through during these circumstances. In Braveheart the editing sequence is also quite fast as the camera continuously switches from one army to the other.

It also changes from high angle shots to low angle shots. This technique is used to allow the audience to see the full picture, almost as if they were present at the battlefield. Furthermore, as the camera is moving very fast the audience are able feel the speed at which everything is happening.

This further aides the build up of tension because the audience have to keep up with the camera whilst absorbing all of the action from the scene. Another media device which was also used is the sound in the films.

Saving Private Ryan starts off with no music, only the natural sounds of the sea and the humming of the boats could be heard.

The director of the film intentionally does not use any soundtracks so the audience can get a clear picture of what is happening without the constant influence of background music.

The use of no music continues throughout the whole battle scene. While the fighting and gunfire is raging there are two instances where all sound is cut off and the scene goes into slow motion, while focusing on Captain Miller.

Saving private ryan media essay

I think the director intended to allow the audience to feel the full force of hearing loss by using this method and it has definitely proved successful. In contrast, Braveheart has a lot of background music. It is used very effectively just before both armies clash where the music is in line with the horses hooves as well as getting faster and faster to build up to the eventual clash of both armies.

By using this technique of speeding up the background music, the film director is able to take the tension level very high. It makes the viewers sit on the edge of their seats just dying to know what will come next. The above points all highlight the different media devices used in sections of Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan.

I think all of these devices work effectively to control the suspense in the atmosphere and to portray different messages about war.

I think this certainly achieved by using the various media devices. The director of Braveheart on the other hand, may not have wanted to show this but rather to show how even being under armed does not.Saving private ryan movie review essays.

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Saving Private Ryan In his review of the film “Saving Private Ryan”, claims that the film presents “a realistic depiction of the lives and deaths of G.I’s in the European theatre in World War II”.

- Comparing Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day The purpose of this essay is to compare which of the two films (Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day) is the most emotionally effecting. I am also trying to compare how each of the two films represent war and soldiers to the audience.

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Saving Private Ryan was made in and was directed by Steven Spielberg.

Saving Private Ryan

English Media Coursework (Saving Private Ryan). Essay about Saving Private Ryan: An Excellent Example of the War Film Genre - Steven Speilberg's Saving Private Ryan The opening 30 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” is significantly effective as an example to the war film genre.

It begins brilliantly with battle between the American and German forces.

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