Proquest dissertations theses ordering system

The Graduate School will provide you feedback on the formatting of your dissertation or thesis using this system and your e-mail. Use whatever e-mail you will be checking to set up your ProQuest account. Their correspondence will come to whatever e-mail address you use in setting up your ProQuest account so be sure to monitor that e-mail address. Your document will need to be in pdf format.

Proquest dissertations theses ordering system

Educational Records Educational records include the files and their contents that are maintained by official units of the university. They do not include: Records of instructional, administrative and educational personnel that are the sole possession of the maker and are not accessible or revealed to any individual except a temporary substitute authorized by the maker.

Records of a law enforcement unit. Student health and counseling records. Employment or alumni records. Documents that Students may not inspect and review Financial records of parents or guardians.

Confidential letters and recommendations associated with admissions, employment or job placement, or honors to which they have waived their rights of inspection and review.

Education records containing information about more than one student, in which case the institution will permit access only to that part of the record that pertains to the inquiring student. Records of which students may not have copies Academic records for which a financial hold exists Transcripts of an original or source document which exists elsewhere.

Students will be charged for these copies. Changes to Records Students who believe that their educational records contain information that is inaccurate or misleading, or is otherwise in violation of their privacy or other rights, may discuss their concerns with the registrar.

If the registrar does not agree, the students will be notified within 30 days that the records will not be amended and of their right to a hearing. Student Requests for a Hearing Student requests for a hearing must be made to the executive vice president in writing, specifically stating the nature of their disagreement with their educational records.

The executive vice president will appoint a Hearing Committee and schedule a hearing. The Committee will include: The executive vice president will inform the student of the time, date and place of the hearing. Decisions of the Hearing Committee will be final, based solely on the evidence presented at the hearing, will consist of written statements summarizing the evidence and stating the reasons for the decisions and will be delivered to all parties concerned.

If the decision is in favor of the students, the educational records will be corrected or amended. Information already published will not be affected by this request. Without such written request, the university may release directory information to outside parties if considered appropriate. Students may request in writing that future releases of directory information not be made.

Student Services may distribute in-school directories to students if the school adheres to this policy. If additional information is added, the school must receive signed waivers from students whose names and other information will appear in the directory. Names or lists must not be released to outside parties.

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However, information may be released without prior written consent in the following instances: Disclosure to officials of other institutions in which students seek to enroll.

Disclosure to persons or organizations providing students financial aid. Disclosure to accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function.

Disclosure to persons in compliance with a judicial order. Faculty and staff access to student educational records for administrative reasons is allowed provided that such persons are properly identified and can demonstrate a legitimate educational interest in the material.

Proquest dissertations theses ordering system

Student workers may have access to appropriate information as designated by the dean or department head. If a breach of confidentiality occurs, appropriate formal disciplinary action will be taken up to and including dismissal from employment.Whether you’re an author, institution, or researcher, ordering a dissertation or thesis through ProQuest is easy.

ProQuest/UMI Submission Dissertations/Theses Under the Submission & Payment section, there will be an option for ordering personal copies. You will be required to order one copy for the University Library. If you have any questions regarding submissions or the UMI/ProQuest system, contact the.

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As the official offsite dissertations repository for the U.S. Library of Congress, ProQuest is committed to preserving, collecting and distributing graduate works from institutions all over the world.

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