Our connections with those around us make us who we are

Making a Real-World Connection Curriculum, multimedia, real-world connection, assessment, collaboration, extended time, and student decision making—seven dimensions of project-based multimedia projects may seem to be a lot to think about; but if you have a multimedia project with a strong real-world connection, you can hardly go wrong.

Our connections with those around us make us who we are

Influence And Collaboration In the fast paced, technology driven business world these days, it can be easy to push aside the time required to make strong human connections.

Here is what research tells us about how your business outcomes will suffer without those human connections.

How Emotion Drives Brand Choices And Decisions | Branding Strategy Insider Consulting Home Nathan, an African man who lived all his life in New Jersey decided to move to North Carolina after his retirement working as a janitor for a number of years.
Ten Kinds of Real-World Connections Share on Google Plus Share I have been spending much of this summer reflecting on the past year and thinking of new ways I can help my students understand that science is not an isolated subject, but that it is all around us, all of the time. I want them to make connections which will help them analyze and explain phenomena.

Many of them respond with some version of this sentiment: When I ask them the question about why they stay, I often here some version of this sentiment: When asked, most of us even the most introverted of us who genuinely value time away from people talk about how important relationships are.

Then some practical realities of life in the business world these days set in. The pace of the business world isn't slowing down.

Many people feel as though it is actually accelerating. The list of things to get done isn't getting any shorter either. There is more to do and at a faster pace. Add technology into the mix, and you can very easily end up re-prioritizing the time required to make strong human connections from the "need to have" category to the "nice to have" category.

Here are two research-based reasons to make sure that doesn't happen to you: Human connections make you more influential Regardless of the roles any of us have in companies of any size, there is a constant. That constant is that we always are having to influence people.

A good amount of research into the "science of persuasion" by some of the biggest names in that field, including Dr. Robert Cialdinihave shown one thing to be a key driver in our ability to persuade and influence.

That things is the ability to find common ground.

Our connections with those around us make us who we are

Interestingly enough, it turns out that the science and the research points to all of us being hard wired to become more easily persuaded or influenced if we have common ground with the other person. Common ground isn't the beginning of the influence value chain, though.

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It is the result of the human connections. Essentially, taking the time to form strong human connections almost inevitably results in the establishment of common ground most of us can find common ground with most other peoplewhich then allows us to become more influential.

Human connections make you more effective at collaborating Similar to influence and how pervasive it is in any role and any company these days, there aren't many companies or roles out there these days where you don't have to collaborate with others. There has been a good amount of research into what drives effective collaboration and high-performance teams as well.

Trust enables the ability to engage in the right level of conflict, which we often need as part of collaboration on highly complex, difficult business issues that require that collaboration.

Our connections with those around us make us who we are

Doing both well often leads to superior outcomes.The Moments That Make Us Who We Are explore various connections to happiness, particularly those of an the many living organisms around us.

Oct 19,  · Opinions expressed within Forbes CommunityVoice ™ are those of the we see our own potential. these tiny glimpses give us a feeling of digital connection with the lives around us.

A. The relationships and interactions we share with our surrounding world and our fellow humans are the core determinants in the formation of identities. Once those memory neurons are active, they can form new connections, explains Bergstrom. They also can form stronger connections within an existing network.

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