Jena research papers in business and economics

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Jena research papers in business and economics

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The Output Rate Variaton problem is the standard mathematical representation of this complex level scheduling problem and has been extensively studied by research thus far. This work identies novel symmetries in solution sequences of this problem class and shows how these insights can be used to improve exact solution procedures presented in the literature.

Jena research papers in business and economics

The eectiveness of the modications is evaluated by a computational study. Mixed-Model Assembly Lines, Level Scheduling, Output Rate Variation Problem, Dynamic Programming 1 Introduction Mixed-model assembly systems are employed to produce a huge variety of dierent models of a common base product on the same assembly line.

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Their high technical exibility allows facultative production sequences at negligible setup times and cost. Due to the high demand of diverse parts and materials, mixed-model assembly systems are often supplied just-in-time by upstream production processes.

In order to facilitate just-intime deliveries and keep safety stocks as small as possible, the actual output rates for all products, parts and materials should be kept close to constant, as this avoids overproportionally high demand peaks which might not be served timely.

As part of the famous 1 3 Toyota Production System [1], it is thus proposed to nd a nal assembly sequence which levels demand rates for all required materials and production processes. This sequencing problem is referred to as level scheduling and has received widespread attention in research and practice alike and is still vividly discussed up to now e.

A recent survey on this and other mixed-model sequencing approaches is provided by Boysen et al. In the literature two fundamental optimization problems for level scheduling have been proposed. The so called Product Rate Variation problem focuses on the nal assembly stage and aims at evenly spreading the production rates of dierent product models.

Since in just-in-time production systems, the nal model sequence directly pulls the material demand of upstream production processes, such a leveled sequence should also lead to leveled material demands whenever products require approximately the same mix and number of parts e.

I am professor and former Chair of Business Dynamics, Innovation, and Economic Change at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and a research professor at the Halle Institute for Economics (IWH). Jena Research Papers in Business and Economics The Impact of Evaluation Context on Attribute Processing and Attitude Formation: The Example of. Jena Ying, Universiti Utara Malaysia, International Business Department, Undergraduate. Studies Logistics, Marketing, and Financial Economics.

However, this assumption seems to be unjustied for the vast majority of real-world assembly systems see [8]. The problem can be summarized as follows: A set of P product models or products for short is to be sequenced on an assembly line. The nal assembly stage requires a number of subassemblies, parts and materials which are supplied by a set K of preceding production processes.

Each process can be thought of as a preceding production level which supplies a set M k of outputs to the nal level.

Jena research papers in business and economics

For each output m M k of a process k K a constant target rate is calculated, which corresponds to the ideal fraction of the total demand at which a particular output m should be required at any given production cycle in an ideally leveled schedule. Target rates are usually generated in one of the two following fashions.


This total demand is either leveled over time, so that the target rate amounts to A mk T total demand for all outputs of process k, so that the target rate becomes see [9] or it is leveled with respect to the A mk m M k A m k see [10]. As the insights generated in this work are equally valid for both types of target rates, we will instead more generally refer to the constant target quantity l pmk of output m at process k which a product p should ideally demand to allow a completely leveled schedule.- Paper .pdf) / NBER Working Paper # / CEPR Working Paper # / Online Appendix / Cultural distance data Linguistic Cleavages and Economic Development (with Klaus Desmet and Ignacio Ortu ñ o-Ort í n) - in Victor Ginsburgh and Shlomo Weber (eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Economics and Language, Chapter 15, pp.

, London.

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