Extensible business reporting language adalah cara

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Extensible business reporting language adalah cara

Cara Cerdas Menguasai Eviews. Will XBRL improve corporate governance?: A framework for enhancing governance decision making using interactive data. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 13 2 Interactive financial reporting using XBRL: An overview of the global markets and Europe.

International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, 6 3 The impact of XBRL adoption on the information environment: The Japanese Accounting Review, 4, Accounting Horizons, 25 2 Initial evidence on the market impact of the XBRL mandate.

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Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 21 The production and use of semantically rich accounting reports on the internet: International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 2 1 Does it add up?

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Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 29 3 Do XBRL reports have incremental information content? Does the XBRL reporting format provide incremental information value? A study using XBRL disclosures during the voluntary filing program.

extensible business reporting language adalah cara

Abacus, 52 2— Do XBRL filings enhance informational efficiency? Early evidence from post-earnings announcement drift.

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Journal of Business Research, 67 6 XBRL and Metcalfe's rule of technological change. Strategic Finance, 85 7 ,57— Modern Investment Theory Fourth Edition. Regulation FD and the financial information environment: The Accounting Review, 78 1 Does search facilitating technology improve the transparency of financial reporting?

The Accounting Review, 79 3 Examining the adoption of extensible business reporting language among public listed companies in Malaysia. Procedia Economics and Finance, 28, Analisis rencana penerapan pada Bursa Efek Indonesia Studi literatur.

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The effects of technology choice on the analysis of financial information. Teori Portofolio dan Analisis Investasi.

extensible business reporting language adalah cara

The effect of first wave mandatory XBRL reporting across the financial information environment.page-description protocol that implements the native file format based on PostScript language, uses standard compression algorithm, documents can contain text, graphics, multimedia, custom data types and more.

Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Jatuh Cinta Adalah Cara Terbaik Untuk Bunuh Diri Bernard Batubara - Cca. Posts about Tulisan written by chibechan. Nur Syaima's Notes Although the so-called business reporting language that can be disseminated, XBRL is actually a standard for electronic distribution and exchange of business and financial information.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) adalah metode untuk menambah struktur dan konteks untuk. Extensible business reporting language (XBRL): Implikasi pada para-digma dan rantai pasok pelaporan keuangan.

Seminar Nasional Aplikasi Teknologi Informasi (SNATI). Universitas Islam . Tuyau d arrosage extensible extensible definition computer science follower framework compatibility collection business reporting language adalah # Tuyau d arrosage extensible extensible authentication protocol configuration configured markup language definition meaning in hindi # and also photographs might be observe at the.

XBRL International is a global not for profit operating in the public interest. Our purpose is to improve the accountability and transparency of business performance globally, by providing the open data exchange standard for business reporting. SharePoint Memilih Edisi SharePoint Berdasarkan Kapabilitas (id-ID) Sebelum melakukan implementasi SharePoint , pengguna perlu merencanakan fitur-fitur yang akan digunakan.

Pemilihan fitur berkaitan erat dengan edisi SharePoint yang akan digunakan.

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