Communal violence bill

These days the occurrence of communal violence is a regular feature. Communal violence, either major or minor, leaves a deep impact on the society. India is a country of rich and varied cultural heritage and believes in the principle of Unity in Diversity. The concept has a wider meaning than the simple words.

Communal violence bill

A conference was held to discuss the Communal violence Suppression Act The conference was presided over by Sri D. The delegates discused the act and suggested many valuable points. A sub committee was formed with Prof. The draft was prepared by Sri Girish bhai Patel.

After a proper scrutiny of the draft it is sent to the M. Government for the increasing communal violence on such a scale which threatens the secular fabric, unity and integrity of the Nation and its commitment to suppress it and to generate faith and confidence in minority communities suffering from the atmosphere of fear, intimidation, insecurity and violence at the hands of the politically organized majoritarian communal forces.

Communal violence bill

It is with these aims and objectives that the U. Government has decided to enact the Communal Violence Suppression Act, This Bill is on the legislative agenda of the current Parliamentary session to commence from 25th July, We, the concerned citizens from Gujarat and committed to and working Communal violence bill the basic values, principles and practices of the democratic secular constitution, have seriously deliberated upon the draft Bill, its underlying principles, approaches and provisions and we have come to a conclusion that the Bill in its basic form, in spite of its laudable objectives requires serious nation-wide debate, discussion and dialogue before it takes final shape.

We hope, expect and desire that the Bill may be submitted to the Select Committee to involve different sections of the society in the decision making process. Our principal points of concern, anxiety and apprehensions can be summed up as under: The Preamble of the Act clearly declares the aims and objectives of the law, namely, secularism as a basic feature of the Constitution, the duty of the Union under Act.

The basic questions are: At present there are various laws relating to communal violence as defined in the Act, e. We must thoroughly examine why these different laws have not proved to be effective, and have really failed.

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Because of inherent gaps and lacunas which can be taken care of? Because of failure of enforcement from absence of political will or compulsions or failure of obligation from the civil society? If the latter are the real causes, there is no guarantee that the new law will also be enforced.

More particularly the failure of the Atrocities Act similar to the proposed law in relation to caste conflicts is very significant with may lesson to learn. The Act brackets together religious, racial, linguistic, regional and caste conflicts or violence.

Introduction – What is this bill and why to protest ?

These are qualitatively different and call for different approaches. One law will not work. For example, the Atrocities Act makes detailed and comprehensive provisions for suppressing and preventing violence against SCs and STs. Why new law to cover this? The much more dangerous problem which the Nation faces to day is the communal violence against religious minorities of communities.

It has to be separately dealt with.

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Even these communal conflicts between Hindus and Muslims and even Christians are, of late, to be classified into two distinct categories - 1 ordinary cases of communal riots, localized and confined to certain groups and not highly politicized 2 State sponsored, supported or aided communal violence supported by political or powerful social groups, with a distinct ideological and political programme, as the communal holocaust in Gujarat in February One law alone will not able to deal with both, and as the communal violence after 80s and 90s is of the second class, clearly organized, political, majoritatian and State sponsored, the proposed law giving extensive powers to the Government will not be an answer to it.

The Gujarat riots of were not simply a case of communal violence against Muslims, but a clear case of genocide of Muslims perpetrated by politically supported organizations and aided and supported by the Government of Gujarat with indifference or connivance of the Union Government.

How will the proposed law deal with such violence? Though the proposed Act aims at protecting the minorities and creating faith and confidence in minority communities, the provisions do not seem to secure a guarantee as Sections 3 and 4 can cover all cases of violence against any religious or other groups.

It would definitely cover violence by the minority groups also. In the present days, Muslims are sought to be equated with terrorists, any assertion or protest or resistance or programme by them would be treated as communal hatred and violence.May 31,  · In the aftermath of the Gujarat communal violence in , there was a clamour from intellectuals, academics, social activists and many civic groups for a separate law to deal with communal violence.

The result of a sustained campaign is the proposed ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, ’.

Communal violence bill

However the recent Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, which has been approved by the National Advisory Council (N.A.C.) regrettably broadens this hiatus rather than addressing the problem.

“The draft communal violence bill is not practical and infringes upon the rights of the state,” Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik told reporters emerging out of the National Integration Council. Questioning the timing of bringing the Communal Violence Bill, Narendra Modi today wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, describing the proposed legislation as ill-conceived, poorly drafted and.

Communal violence bill based on past riots, Hindustan Times, May 30, Dump NAC’s communal bill, Indian Express, May 29, Reverse discrimination in communal violence bill: BJP, Hindustan Times, May 27, Feb 05,  · The Bill was to replace the Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill, , withdrawn by Home Minister Sushilkumar Sandeep Joshi & Gargi Parsai.

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