Changing lifestyles questions

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Changing lifestyles questions

This is a period to learn leadership and it may not product the opportunities you would like. It is primarily a learning time.

Changing lifestyles questions

Your ability to get ahead and develop your talents is limited only by your own initiative. Your achievements are likely to very apparent to the public and a sense of independence allows you to assume a leadership role Fourth Pinnacle Challenges and changes will mark this part of your life.

Responsibilities and accomplishments will be based on the ability to lead, direct, and express your own individuality and original ideas. You are apt to be a very sensitive person during this pinnacle, even if sensitivity is not indicated in your basic makeup.

The 2 shows patience and attention to detail. You are tactful and cooperative, and willing to work with relatively little recognition First Pinnacle You may experience early difficulties with expression, both verbal and emotional. Your mother is apt to be the stronger influence in your life throughout this period.

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The work you do may be very detailed and demanding during this period. The key to fulfillment will be patience, tact, and cooperation, and you will find it necessary to control a tendency toward sensitivity. Travel, social activities, friends, and entertainment are much a part of your life during this pinnacle.

You nature is more affectionate and outgoing. Personal expression is developed, particularly verbal expression. Any latent artistic or creative talents are apt to exposed now.

Life seems to flow toward you during a 3 pinnacle, thoughts are of the present, not so much the future nor the past.

Changing lifestyles questions

Being with people and having fun is essential. Attitudes are youthful; easy come, easy go.

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Variety in work and play is likely. Money is not a concern so long as you can get by. Thinking, using your imagination, dreaming, these are all a large part of this period. There is a tendency to scatter energies and work on the wrong ideas.

You may be too busy having fun to worry about the future. This pinnacle may bring about opportunity for writing, speaking, interior designing, or some form of participation in the entertainment arts.

Imagination and feelings are stimulated. This transit usually promises freedom from financial worry in the later years.

While there is a tendency to drift in relative comfort, this is a time when you can be at your creative best. This pinnacle demands a higher degree of order, system and organization. You tend to adopt a very conscientious and dependable response. Hard work and determined effort mark your attitude now.About Us Mommy’s Helper, Inc was founded in in Addison, IL in the family’s basement.

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