Ch 11 call to freedom outline

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Ch 11 call to freedom outline

In it the Lord summarizes the invitation to discipleship that characterized His earthly ministry, but to understand the invitation of this passage, we need to understand the background.

For instance, in Matthew The Pharisees claimed the authority of Moses as interpreters and teachers of the Law which meant they also demanded that all in Israel who submitted to Moses should also submit to them. Then, in Matthew They had codified the Mosaic law into prohibitions and commandments.

Ch 11 call to freedom outline

But even though the Old Testament Law was good, holy, and righteous, it did not bring liberty because it was weak in that it depended on man. It did not provide the means of fulfilling the law and thus it left man under the guilt and load of sin. Rather than freedom, it brought oppression.

CHAPTER 11: Postwar America

Paul called it an administration of death. Instead of a sense of release, it brought a sense of guilt and failure. Those who were under the Mosaic Law were said to be yoked to Moses.

Those who were under the authority of the Pharisees were said to be yoked to the Pharisees.


As an illustration, see Acts This is an invitation aimed at all, at the curious and at the convinced to bring them to a place of a deeper level of commitment in which they are to take His yoke and learn from Him as committed disciples.

But what does all this mean? It expresses the desire and compassionate heart of the Savior and is His appeal for people to come to Him as a relief from their oppression. It is a call to turn from whatever they are presently depending on to Him.

For those without the Savior, it is equivalent to a call to believe in Him. Compare the context of the preceding unbelief in the cities of Chorazin and Bethsaida Matt.

For those who are already believers, it is a call to follow him as a committed disciple; it is a call to completely turn their lives over to Him.

It is used of the fellowship of the Son with the Father. We have here a call to an intimacy of fellowship. This drives home one of the great concepts of Christianity that must be taught and grasped. Christianity is a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

This is not a call to a program, nor a system of religion, nor to a church, and certainly not to the discipler, or some human leader.

Too often disciple makers end up cloning subordinates rather than developing Christlike people. They draw people to themselves and reproduce graven images.

We are never to be partial to one group, or class, or nationality. In Christ, God reaches out to the whole world.

Please bear with me while I get a little bit technical and grammatical. We have two adjectival participles here which are very descriptive. Though aimed at those under the Pharisaic system, they really describe the condition of all that are either without Christ as their Savior, or who, as believers, are not submitted to Him in intimate fellowship as learning disciples.

For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers. The Savior obviously has in mind the Pharisees, but it would include the burden of sin as demonstrated so clearly by the Old Testament Law which shows us all under sin, its guilt, and its death, and thus also, the burden and frustration of any solution by which men seek to deal with their sin and emptiness without Jesus Christ.

His solution seems no solution at all. After all, a yoke is a yoke. How is this not just another yoke and not a contradiction? The key idea is to acquire a custom or habit through practice. Do you get it?Freedom School is not affiliated with the links on this page - unless otherwise stated.

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