Celta pre course task answers

They teach all ages from kindergarten to PHd students and they specialize in test preparation, college admissions, and life coaching. They want teachers with a college degree, teaching certificate and at least 2 years of teaching experience.

Celta pre course task answers

I will summarize the most important points first, then read on for more details if you want them. Take away points Take the application and interview process seriously.

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CELTA does not have many official requirements, but the centers can be very selective. Take time to do this thoroughly, it will make you look better and the questions on it will be used in the interview. I personally took three days after work to finish it. They do not expect you to be a teaching expert or a language expert before the course.

They recommend several books for before and during the course. After taking the course, I think you will get a lot more out of it if you have SOME teaching experience, of any kind, even tutoring. Your own experience makes the course lessons more relevant — everyone out of 12 trainees in my group had some teaching experience.

In fact, most of the people in my program were not native English speakers. In some ways their knowledge was better than the many native speakers. They allow anyone to apply and interview, but spaces are limited, and there is stiff competition for many of the training centers — especially in places like Thailand.

Really, take a look now — IH Bangkok application page.

Celta pre course task answers

The application starts with the standard personal background questions, and then dives right into the task. The task includes your knowledge of the CELTA program and methods, grammar, pronunciation phoneticsvocabulary and teaching methods.

On the pre-interview task sheet itself they recommend books that will help you with grammar, pronunciation and teaching methods. I strongly recommend getting these before the course and using them to complete your application and prepare for the interview.

The books I used were: Here are some sample questions from the pre-interview task: Having read all the information on this site and on other Internet websiteswhat would you expect your strengths and weaknesses to be on the CELTA course?

Think how you could use pictures, drawings, or even miming — be brief but creative in your answer. Mark the words that are stressed in the following sentence. The interview Let me start by saying the interview can vary widely based on who happens to interview you.

I will talk about my personal experience, but some other trainees I talked to had very different interviews, so your mileage may vary.

The interview took place over the phone, I was in Korea and the interviewer in Thailand — I tried to use Skype, but it was being unreliable that day in my apartment so I called him using a phone card.Celta Pre-Course Task Answers Essay CELTA Pre-course task Section 1 Task 1 1.

Monolingual, adult group classes, part time, mixed gender, similar ability, day, teachers with English speaking backgrounds 2. After the course finishes I will be teaching the same.

Celta pre course task answers

Task 2 1. I decided to teach adults because I like to listen to the various life. CELTA Pre-course task sheet Section 1 – Learners and teachers, and the learning and teaching context A – Teaching and learning contexts Task 1 1. A fans eye view of all things Spurs from THBN Tottenham Hotspur Blog News.

Celta. Pre-Course Task Section 1: Learners and Teachers, and the Teaching and Learning Context. A. Teaching and learning contexts Task 1 1.

In what context will you be doing the CELTA course? Lessons in groups Multilingual groups (perhaps a majority of students from a single language background or a diverse mix of language 5/5(16).

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners How to Earn Your CELTA Certificate. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER. Tips to prepare for your CELTA; Free grammar cheatsheets; CELTA Pre-Course Task.

As part of your CELTA preparation, you will be sent an official Cambridge ESOL Pre-Course Task. It contains around 50 activities that you’ll need to . The CELTA course pre-interview task is a series of exercises you will receive as part of your application for the course, obviously this comes after you have chosen the best CELTA course for you!.

If you meet the minimum entry requirements for the CELTA course, you will then be sent a copy of the pre-interview task to complete, usually in a .

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