Arts-based methods in health research a systematic review of the literature

Abstract Background The arts are powerful, accessible forms of communication that have the potential to impart knowledge by attracting interest and developing meaningful connections.

Arts-based methods in health research a systematic review of the literature

Art has been used to deliver messages that are not easily articulated, such as after profound experiences where thoughts may not be expressible in words. For instance, poetry has been used for many years to express love and intimate feelings, anger, grief, pride and other emotions.

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In this regard, Deweyp. Although most popular after World War II Helfand,posters are still used to communicate health promotion and injury prevention messages to the public. This is evident on colorful, eye-catching billboards, in magazines and newspapers to advocate such things as seatbelt use or smoking cessation.

In addition to visual arts, other media that also serve therapeutic purposes include music, theater, dance and poetry Goodill, ; Mazza, ; Staricoff, ; Wikstrom, There is a growing body of literature from cancer care, pediatrics, to heart institutes as well as new books, journal articles and websites that are a testament to the expansion and recognition of the value of arts in health care.

Arts in Health Research The arts have been used in disciplines outside of health care where humans and their behavior are the focus — for example, in anthropology, sociology, psychology and education — and their use is now moving beyond the practice arena.

In addition to serving therapeutic purposes the arts are becoming popular as a research method. Since then, health researchers began to use a variety of arts-based methods e. For example, they are both used alone or in combination with other traditional methods of data collection such as interviews, focus groups or observation Harper, There is wide- ranging variability in approaches.

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Although the various approaches are underdeveloped, there is great potential in using arts-based research approaches in health research.Journal articles describing systematic review methods can be searched for in PubMed using this search string in the PubMed search box: sysrev_methods [sb].

A list of systematic review methods is on the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Health website. In this systematic review, we will synthesize evidence about the use of digital storytelling in health research studies using established systematic review methods.

This review is unique in that it has a focus on a research method as opposed to a phenomenon or intervention [ 28 ]. Guidance notes on planning a systematic review. Most research starts with a literature review of some sort. However, unless a literature review is thorough and fair, it is of little scientific value.

This is the main rationale for undertaking systematic Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods. Theoretically speaking, arts-based research methods can be utilized at each stage of the research process.

As a result, terminology regarding arts-based methods can be varied, with the terms ‘arts-based approaches’ [ 32, 33 ], ‘arts-based methods’ [ 34, 35 ], and ‘arts-based research methods’ [ 36 ] commonly being used interchangeably.

Examples of arts based methods The use of arts based methods in arts and health research was explored in a systematic review by Fraser and Sayah ().

Arts-based methods in health research a systematic review of the literature

A total of 30 papers were included in the review. Visual arts were used most often, followed by performance arts and literary arts. Arts primarily used for generating ideas and disseminating learning. Qualitative synthesis and systematic review in health method research data, and then drawing con-clusions regarding the collective meaning of the research.

Qualitative synthesis is regularly used within systematic reviews in the health reference standard for a literature review in health professional education, and educators and.

(PDF) Arts-based methods in health research: A systematic review of the literature