An introduction to the edison project

He answered, "Genius is hard work, stick-to-it-iveness, and common sense.

An introduction to the edison project

In mid-October,a film crew arrived in the small town of West Orange, New Jersey, to spend some time with the most famous man in the world -- the phenomenally prolific American inventor, Thomas Edison. Over the course of a few days, the cameras captured the great man at work: Nathan Myhrvold, Inventor and Entrepreneur: The things that Edison invented are so omnipresent in our society.

They've touched the lives of millions and millions of people and totally changed them. We live in a world Edison invented. Incandescent light, sound recording, motion pictures -- for these and scores of other inventions, Edison had justly earned acclaim as the "Inventor of the Age.

This is the replica of the first lamp. But no mere machine could account for his metamorphosis from inventor to icon. Well we think we are moving very, very fast today. Let me tell you, all those folks in Manhattan as Thomas Edison is walking the streets thought their bodies couldn't stand the shock of how fast they were moving.

Poised at the starting line of America's rush into the modern world, Edison became its standard bearer. The impact of his native genius made infinitely more powerful by his timing, his canny knack for self-promotion, and his compulsive need to win. Edison was very competitive.

The more people who tried to find the answer, the more tempting it was for him to take it on.

An introduction to the edison project

He was maniacally focused on maintaining control. In the end, the intensity of Edison's drive proved both blessing and curse -- costing him the allegiance of a lifelong friend and control of the industry to which he'd given life -- even as it guaranteed him a kind of immortality.

Robert Rosenberg, Thomas Edison Papers: There were other great inventors. Then there was Edison. He understood that inventing is not just having an idea, and so he made Edison a name to be reckoned with.

An introduction to the edison project

In the late winter ofthe scattered residents of Menlo Park, New Jersey eyed a curious new building, just up the hill from the train station. It could easily have been mistaken for a school, or a Quaker meeting house.

In fact, it was a laboratory -- a 5,square-foot facility entirely dedicated to nurturing the ideas of one man, an up-and-coming entrepreneur by the name of Thomas Alva Edison. No private laboratory in the country was so well-equipped.

From the apothecary jars filled with all manner of chemicals and organic materials, to the scientific instruments and shop tools, Edison had everything he could possibly need to make the natural world bend to his will.

He had this keen sense that he needed different kinds of resources in order to invent, and so Menlo Park becomes a kind of a blank slate on which to come up with this idea of invention that's uniquely his. Most successful inventors throughout history were largely people trying to accomplish a task.

They had a day job, effectively, and invention was a way of furthering that.

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Edison decided that invention was his day job. At 29, Edison had the audacious ambition of a man who'd come from nothing -- and who had everything to prove. His was a classic American story: Born in and raised in Port Huron, Michigan -- near the edge of a small country then on the verge of becoming great -- Thomas Edison was all pluck and initiative from the start.

By his own account, he was curious to the point of mischief: Money was tight, so to finance his dabbling, he went to work at the age of 12, taking a job as a newsboy on the train that ran daily between Port Huron and Detroit.

Along the way, in the stations up and down the line, he became fascinated with the telegraph, which was beginning to knit the growing nation together as the rails were -- only with lengths of copper wire.

Building & Remodeling Project Center Apply for and track your gas and electric projects 24/7, plus view your projects, schedule inspections, and track progress. Now you can do them all with our Project Center mobile app. Download today. Film Description. By the time he died in , Thomas Edison was one of the most famous men in the world. The holder of more patents than any other inventor in history, Edison had amassed a. The Edison Project • I INTRODUCTION Thomas Edison invented both the phonograph and the kinetoscope more than years ago. But the business of distributing music and movies hasn’t really changed that much in years. In .

Is there a more leading edge thing going on in his world than telegraphy, moving real information at the speed of light, with very sophisticated technologies to make it happen. He was amazed by it.

EDISON initiative

He was that kind of kid. Edison's fascination sparked a quest for mastery. He taught himself Morse Code and practiced sending and receiving telegraph messages for up to 18 hours a day, before finally landing his first job as an operator inwhen he was just By then, he'd become aware that he was losing his hearing, the racket of the world growing increasingly dim.

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Prior to. I would recommend students who start the Edison Project at age eleven continue the Edison Project through it's completion instead of going on to Introduction to Sensors. Completing the Edison Project first will serve the student with more contiguous instruction.

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