A review of the devastating effects of hurricane gilbert

Translate this page into Spanish using FreeTranslation. Hurricanes are among the most powerful and deadliest forces in nature, which bring various kinds of effects to the area it makes landfall over. Some of these effects such as copious amounts of rain can be beneficial during a drought, but most of the time these effects are unwanted. Below, are some of the common effects from a hurricane.

A review of the devastating effects of hurricane gilbert

Michael raced toward Florida on Tuesday, threatening to bring the ferocious rains and winds of a powerful tropical cyclone to the coast and hundreds of miles inland.

The intensifying storm is likely to make landfall Wednesday as a Category 3 hurricane, and conditions will begin to deteriorate Tuesday night. The hurricane peak winds reached mph as of 11 a. Tuesday, just 1 mph shy of Category 3, according to the National Hurricane Center.

These were predicted to rise to mph by landfall. Florida's Panhandle, from Pensacola to Apalachicola, and its Big Bend area are the zones of greatest concern.

Related Content The waiver will allow the company to use drones to assess damage and provide faster claims processing for victims of the storm. The waiver was granted specifically as a way of providing relief to hurricane victims:
Atlantic hurricane season - Wikipedia Charity As Hurricane Michael barrels toward Florida's Gulf Coast, scammers continue to con people who want to help those affected by past hurricanes.

Michael is poised to push ashore a "life-threatening" surge of ocean water that will inundate those coastal areas. The storm also will unleash destructive winds and flooding rain starting Tuesday night and continuing through Wednesday.

The surge, or the rise in ocean water above normally dry land along the coast, could reach at least eight to 12 feet in the hardest-hit areas, inundating roads, homes and businesses.

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in several Florida counties. Rick Scott Tuesday morning. If you have been told to evacuate, leave. The office warned of "widespread power outages, downed trees blocking access to roads and endangering individuals, structural damage to homes and businesses, isolated flash flooding and the potential for a few tornadoes.

S," said Rick Knabb, the Weather Channel's hurricane expert. As of 11 a. EDT Tuesday, Michael's peak winds were around mph as it moved north at 12 mph. The storm was centered about miles south of Apalachicola.

Environmental conditions are favorable for further strengthening until landfall, the Hurricane Center said. Warm ocean temperatures, which fuel storm development, are two to four degrees above normal, and wind shear, which tends to slow hurricane development, was forecast to ease.

The Hurricane Center predicts that the hurricane's peak winds will reach mph at landfall, which would make Michael a Category 3 storm. At its current rate of speed, tropical-storm-force winds should reach the northern Gulf Coast as early as Tuesday evening, after which conditions will deteriorate.

Landfall is projected for midday Wednesday although it could reasonably occur between the morning and afternoon hours. Hurricane warnings have been posted from the Alabama-Florida border to the Suwannee River, just northwest of Cedar Key on Florida's west coast. Tropical storm warnings extend farther south, to Chassahowitzka, Fla.

A tropical storm watch is in effect around the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa Bay area is under a storm-surge watch. Like a bulldozer, the storm will push a vast amount of ocean water inland, potentially inundating homes, roads and businesses.

Areas to the east of where the storm center tracks will experience the greatest storm surge, and flooding will be worst around the high tides.

Storm surges just east of where the center makes landfall could reach eight to 12 feet if the storm comes ashore around high tide. Here are specific initial storm-surge projections from the Hurricane Center: Indian Pass to Cedar Key: Cedar Key to Crystal River: Crystal River to Aripeka: Heavy rain could arrive in Florida on Tuesday night and in south Alabama and south Georgia early Wednesday.

By Wednesday night and into Thursday, heavy rain will rapidly streak through Georgia and into the Carolinas. Rainfall of 3 to 6 inches is likely to affect some of the areas recovering from Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas which could lead to more flooding.

Parts of eastern Georgia and southern Virginia may also receive 3 to 6 inches. The rain is expected to reach the eastern Mid-Atlantic late Wednesday night into Thursday before rapidly exiting by Friday.

Depending on the track of Michael's remnants, southern New England could also see a period of heavy rain late Thursday. One to three inches of rain is most likely in the eastern Mid-Atlantic and southern New England.

Winds this strong will be confined to the ring around its calm eye, known as the eyewall, and "devastating" wind damage could occur in this narrow zone. Electricity and water will be unavailable for several days to weeks after the storm passes.

While hurricane-force winds of over 74 mph will be confined to a relatively small area, tropical-storm winds of 39 to 73 mph will occur over a much larger zone and could result in minor structural damage and many downed trees and power outages.The impact of Hurricane Gilbert was devastating on all sectors of the society and the economy.

Damage was estimated at US$4 billion, with the damage to agriculture accounting for over 40 percent of this total. Ninety five percent of all health facilities suffered damage. Of the 25 public hospitals only two escaped with minimal damage.

Nov 11,  · Port Liberte is the water front Residential Community near Hudson River. Apr 12,  · Atlantic hurricane and tropical storm name lists repeat every six years, unless one is so destructive and/or deadly that the committee votes to retire that name from future lists.

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A review of the devastating effects of hurricane gilbert

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